Dynamic Security Solutions

We help IoT applications

identify & authenticate devices

dynamically update device credentials

significantly improve security

IoT Security Challenges

  • Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT) and operational technology (OT) applications require security at scale.
  • Updating device credentials is cumbersome or even impossible due to the use of static security credentials such as passwords and device certificates.
  • As IoT applications are closely integrated with IT applications, hence they have to adopt the leading IT security principles such as Zero-Trust.
  • IoT devices are typically resource constrained where as security processes are resource extensive.  

Our IoT Identity Provider

Authenticates Your ​Devices

Your IoT devices authenticate against our identity provider and in return get a standardized access token that can be used by the devices to authenticate themselves against any authenticated API. Enabling your IoT device to adhere to the Zero-Trust principle.

Enables Dynamic Device Credential

With our identity provider, updating device credentials can be done autonomously by the IoT device on a regular basis. Removing the need for static credentials and enabling security at scale.

Secures Your IoT Application​

By relying on access tokens with a short lifetime, regular update of device credentials, and exposing authenticated APIs the security of your IoT application is significantly improved.

About Us

We are a Swiss tech. start-up focusing on dynamic security solutions. The vision for our IoT identity provider is to create an Internet of Secure Things. We have our MVP available and are looking for partners to engage in pilot projects. 
Tobias Schlaepfer
Founder of IoThentix